Lutherans in the USA

What makes Lutherans different from other Christian denominations?

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American Christian Denominations

Major Christian Denominations in the USA by order of membership:

  • Roman Catholic
  • Baptist
  • Methodist 
  • Lutheran 
  • Episcopalian (Anglican)
  • Presbyterian
  • Eastern Orthodox

Lutheranism is similar to Roman Catholic and Episcopalian (Anglican).  A Lutheran church service has the same order worship.  Each of these church bodies are "Confessing Churches".  By confessing, these members say that they have sinned and ask God for forgiveness, and are then forgiven.  Lutherans do not go to confessionals, like Roman Catholics and some Episcopalians do.  Lutherans however are forgiven by the grace of God and not by a priest.
Lutherans are also a liturgical church.  Which means that they follow a certain order in worship.
Every Sunday Lutherans, Catholics and Episcopalians read the same exact Bible readings, with the exception of one Sunday during the year.  This Sunday is Reformation Sunday, and on this Sunday, every Lutheran Church around the world sings the hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", which was the battle hymn of the Protestant Reformation and written by Martin Luther.

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