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Lutheran Service Book (LCMS)

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The Lutheran Service Book

Now, in cooperation with Concordia Publishing House, the Commission is pleased to present this new resource for use at the dawn of a new century.

Through the study and research of numerous committees and the testing and responses of hundreds of pastors, musicians, and congregations, Lutheran Service Book is uniquely poised to serve congregations of the Synod.

Among its many features, Lutheran Service Book offers:
fresh expressions of the Gospel
services you know
favorite hymns restored

Like preceding hymnals, LSB builds on the riches of the liturgical and hymnic heritage that we, as Lutherans, have received from past generations. To honor that tradition, Lutheran Service Book not only preserves significant portions of that heritage but also makes its own contribution for our time. Indeed, LSB introduces a significant body of new resources that faithfully celebrate Christ and His Gospel of forgiveness and life.


2006, the year of new hymnals